ТҮРКПА-ның әлеуметтік, мәдени және гуманитарлық мәселелер жөніндегі комиссиясының үшінші отырысы
2014 ж. 15 сәуір
(Қазақша нұсқасы жақын арада болады)

The 3rd meeting of the TURKPA Commission on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Issues was held On 15 April 2014 in Bishkek, capital of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Acting Chairperson of the Commission, member of Jogorku Kenesh of Kyrgyzstan Ms. Urmat Amanbayeva presented a report dedicated to the issues relating to the development of the Turkic languages, which was followed with discussions with participation of the TURKPA parliamentarians and experts from the member-countries.

The Commission adopted recommendations addressing the parliaments of the TURKPA member countries, which includes also issues such as introduction of educational discipline in certain educational institutions of TURKPA member-countries on the translation techniques from one Turkic language to another, preparation of professional interpreters in this field, opening of web-sites that inform on the latest developments in the Turkic-speaking countries.