Early Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan
March 19, 2023

On the election day, 19 March 2023, TURKPA Election Observation Mission (EOM) visited a number of polling stations in Astana and Almaty to observe the voting process on the ground. The EOM observed the voting process at all stages, from the opening of polling stations till counting of votes. Members of the EOM monitored casting of votes, talked to voters, polling stations' officials and local observers, as well as gave interview to local and foreign mass media.

On 20 March, the Mission held press conference on the preliminary outcomes of its observation. Head of Mission, member of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye Recep Şeker informed on the observation work of the Mission.

The Mission mentioned the significant developments of election-related framework in Kazakhstan. The EOM noted that the new electoral system of members of the Mazhilis provided an opportunity for independent candidates to be elected in single-mandate territorial constituencies, and ensured the representation of regions through its majoritarian component and of social groups through its proportional component. Touching on the quota-related regulatory framework for representation of women, youth and persons with disabilities, the Mission noted that the quota provided for their wide participation in the electoral process, and political life of the country.

The Mission positively assessed the work of election administration bodies in preparations for and conduct of the elections.

The Mission concluded that the early parliamentary elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan of 19 March 2023 was held in compliance with the national legislation of Kazakhstan and international election standards.

Election/Referendum Statement