Haluk İpek
Member of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye

Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. Lawyer.

Worked as a freelance lawyer. Served as the President of the Law and Democracy Institution and the Turkish Law Institute. Entered political life among the founders of AK Party.

Elected as Ankara deputy of the GNAT of the twenty-second, twenty-third and twenty-fourth convocations and Amasya deputy of the GNAT of twenty-sixth and the twenty-eighth convocations. Member of the Constitutional Commission, Justice Commission, AK Party Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Türkiye Interparliamentary Friendship Group, Chairman of the Committee on the Legal Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States, Chairman of the Kazakhstan-Türkiye Interparliamentary Friendship Group. President on Organization Affairs in the AK Party Headquarters, President on Electoral Affairs and Secretary General.

Fluent in English.