Secretary General’s ADA lecture
February 10, 2016

It was not by coincidence that TurkPA Secretariat, which started its activities in 2010, is located in Baku, said TurkPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov in his lecture given at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy on 10th of February, 2016. The first in the Turkic history parliamentary republic - the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic – was born here. Secretary General extended his congratulations to the ADA students on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of restoration of Azerbaijan’s independence.

He highly assessed the efforts of the government of Azerbaijan aimed at the diversification of the country’s economy and reduction of its reliance on hydrocarbons’ sector. “Owing to this policy the quantity and quality of the locally manufactured goods are growing”, noted Mr Asanov.

“This year has been declared as the year of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan and 7th meeting of the UN Alliance of Civilizations is taking place in the spring in Baku. TurkPA is also aiming to contribute by organising certain gatherings”, said J.Asanov.

TurkPA Secretary General stated that TurkPA or Turkic cooperation institutions act in line with the principles and norms enshrined in the UN Charter and carry out activities in an open and transparent manner. “Turkicness has been a good pretext for developing relations in the region”, emphasised TurkPA Secretary General.