Visit to Eskişehir
May 10, 2017

TurkPA delegation has arrived to Eskişehir, one of the cultural and historical centers of Turkey, in order to conduct a series of meetings. On 9 May 2017, the delegation paid a courtesy call on Mr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Head of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Mr. Azmi Çelik, Mayor of Eskişehir.

Secretary General Jandos Asanov briefed Mr. Büyükerşen on the TURKPA’s activities and stressed that in recent years many organizations have been established in order to strengthen relations among Turkic republics. Mr. Asanov said that parliaments could strengthen cooperation among the brotherly countries in the fields of culture, arts and industry and TurkPA carries out its work to achieve this goal.

Expressing his admiration for Eskişehir where he was for the first time, Secretary General Asanov said: " I really liked Balmumu Museum. Eskişehir has become a distinctive city with your projects. The city is very clean, with plenty of green areas and it has become a place praised not only in the Turkic World, but all over the world".

At the end of meeting, TurkPA delegation presented to Mr. Büyükerşen a ceramic plate with Kyrgyz-Turkish motifs. Mr. Büyükerşen expressed his gratitude to TurkPA delegation for their visit, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among the Turkic speaking countries.

At the same time, during his meeting with Mr. Çelik, Secretary General wished him success on his activity and presented a ceramic plate with Azerbaijani motifs.

The TurkPA delegation also visited the Eskişehir Nature Park and Science Art Museum.

During the visit, Secretary General was accompanied by Deputy Secretary General Kürşad Melih Sarıarslan and Fund Administrator Alasgar Aghayev.