TURKPA Election Observation Mission met with Chairman of CEC of Azerbaijan
February 6, 2024

On 6 February 2024, TURKPA Election Observation Mission composed of the members of the parliaments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Türkiye, as well as the representatives of the TURKPA Secretariat commenced its work in Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the observation program, the Mission led by the Chairman of the TURKPA Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations, member of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye Osman Mesten, met with the Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mazahir Panahov.

During the meeting, Chairman of the CEC noted that, for the first time, an election would be held in the liberated territories and the citizens would vote in 26 polling stations established in these territories. Mr. Panahov told about the features of the early presidential election, including voter and candidate registration, and on the conditions created for voters and observers. In this context, he informed that more than 90,000 observers had been accredited for the election.

The TURKPA observers emphasized the special significance of holding the election, for the first time, in the entire territory of the country. The Mission noted that on the voting day, it would conduct observation of the election in the liberated territories as well.

The Mission wished success in holding the upcoming election.