TURKPA observers held meetings with Azerbaijani officials
April 10, 2018

On 10 April 2018, TURKPA Observation mission comprised of Mr. Berik Ospanov, member of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Mr. Duishon Torokulov, member of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Haluk Ipek and Mr. Jeyhun Irgil, members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, as well as TURKPA diplomatic staff, including Secretary General Mr. Altynbek Mamaiusupov, Deputies Secretary General Mr. Fuad Alakbarov, Mr. Nauryz Aidarov and Mr. Ali Yildiz met with the Chairman of the Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ogtay Asadov. Mr. Asadov welcomed observers and emphasized the importance of observation of elections in Azerbaijan by the parliamentary dimension of Turkic cooperation. In this context, Mr. Asadov noted that TURKPA’s election observation have increased its international visibility and identity. Mr. Haluk Ipek, head of the TURKPA mission at these elections, pointed out to the fact that TURKPA missions observed the previous presidential and parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan and in other member countries that, in its turn, generated a specific form of cooperation between the countries within the Assembly’s framework. Chairman of the Milli Mejlis also reaffirmed the international commitments of Azerbaijan for democratic elections.

During the meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Mr. Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev, the parties exchanged views on the prospects of Turkic cooperation. Mr. Mammad-Guliyev stressed the need for further development of Turkic cooperation institutions both at inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary levels. In this regard, he underlined a particular importance of efficient economic cooperation between the Turkic-speaking countries and contribution of TURKPA to the development of a legislative framework of such cooperation. Mr. Mammad-Guliyev also highly appreciated the initiative of TURKPA and Turkic Council on joint election observation.

On the same day, members of the mission met with Mr. Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan (CEC). Mr. Panahov informed the mission on measures taken on preparations for the early presidential elections, in particular, logistical matters and last improvements at the polling stations. Mr. Haluk Ipek emphasized the calm and peaceful atmosphere during the pre-election period and expressed his conviction that elections will be held in fair, free and transparent manner.