TURKPA and Turkic Council gave press conference on observation of presidential elections
April 12, 2018

On 12 April 2018, TURKPA and Turkic Council International Election Observation Missions held a joint press conference on the outcomes of their observation of the Early Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Haluk Ipek, Head of the TURKPA Mission and member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mr. Altynbek Mamaiusupov TURKPA Secretary General, Dr. Ömer Kocaman, Head of the Turkic Council Mission and Deputy Secretary General of the Turkic Council, Turkish Ambassador Metin Kılıç, as well as the representative of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan Ms. Naziya Telmukhammedova, presented a joint statement that reflects the observation work of both institutions before and during the election day.

Dr. Ömer Kocaman, Head of the Turkic Council Mission, informed the mass media representatives that TURKPA and Turkic Council had prepared a joint report for the first time reflecting the collaborated efforts of both missions on observation of elections.

TURKPA Secretary General Mr. Altynbek Mamaiusupov hailed the first joint observation of elections with the Turkic Council that paves the way towards development of the single methodology and standards of election observation within the Turkic cooperation platform. Mr. Mamaiusupov also expressed his gratitude to the relevant state authorities for all conditions created for the Mission's observation activities.

Mr. Haluk Ipek, Head of the TURKPA Observation Mission, reaffirmed the conclusions of the TURKPA’s statement delivered on 11 April and expressed his delight in engaging in the process of common activities with the Turkic Council on observation of elections and noted its importance in terms of increasing the international visibility of Turkic cooperation.

Both missions concluded that the early presidential elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan of 11 April 2018 were held in compliance with the national legislation of Azerbaijan and international election standards.

Joint Statement