TURKPA conducted experience exchange program
July 6, 2018

Experience Exchange Program titled “Working principles of the Human Resources and General Affairs Departments” was organized jointly with the Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking Countries from 2 to 6 July 2018.

The programme brought together staffers of the parliamentary administrations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey representing departments of information and analytics, human resources, general affairs and work with parliamentary committees. The event featured meetings with the representatives of the Milli Mejlis` departments of analytical information, civil service and human resources, general affairs and economic legislation, as well as an exposure to the Parliament of Azerbaijan, its history and role in the system of state governance of Azerbaijan. Participants of these meetings held active exchange of information on the structure, functions and working procedure of the relevant departments in their respective countries. The parties deliberated on a number of initiatives to be implemented within TURKPA, such as an establishment of single data base on the national legislation of the member countries in various fields, creation of centre that would include representatives of the analytical and informational departments of the member parliaments and close study of parliamentary practices and procedures in the member countries on the ground.

The programme ended with the meeting of the programme’s participants with Secretary General Altynbek Mamaisupov and staff of the TURKPA Secretariat and awarding of certificates to the participants on completion of the programme.