TURKPA Secretariat observed elections in Uzbekistan
December 22, 2019

The delegation of the TURKPA Secretariat led by Secretary General Altynbek Mamaiusupov and comprised of Deputy Secretaries General arrived in Tashkent to conduct a short-term monitoring of the parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan

On 20 and 21 December 2019, the delegation held meetings at the Central Election Commission and City Election Commission, where they were informed in detail of reforms of country’s election system and election administration. Officials of the Central Election Commission and City Election Commission also gave information about elections to the City and District (Tuman) Councils taking place alongside parliamentary elections for the first time.

On the election day, 22nd of December, TURKPA representatives visited 15 polling stations in various central districts of Tashkent. During their visit, the delegates observed the voting process at all stages, having monitored also the counting of votes in one of the polling stations.

Within the observation programme, TURKPA representatives gave the interview to local mass media.