Secretary General attended conference “The Turkic World: Historical and Cultural Heritage”
January 8, 2021

On 8 January 2021, Secretary General Altynbek Mamaiusupov delivered a speech at the international conference “The Turkic World: Historical and Cultural Heritage” organized by Turkic Academy in Nur-Sultan. The event was attended by members of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, ambassadors, heads of Academies of Science of Turkic-speaking countries, public figures, as well as representatives of academic circles from various regions of the world.

The Atlas of the Turkic world demonstrating the immense cultural heritage of our peoples and containing more than 200 historical maps created by famous travelers was also presented during the conference.

In his speech, Secretary General noted the great contributions made by Turkic peoples to the world culture and science. Mr. Mamaiusupov stressed the significance of cooperation among Turkic-speaking countries in the context of providing input to peace and stability in the region, particularly in the contemporary world that faced global challenges and where dialogue and interaction are of the utmost importance. Noting the role of TURKPA in these cooperation processes, he touched on its close collaboration with leading international and regional organizations.

Secretary General also drew attention to climate of peace and harmony in Turkic-speaking countries based on ethnic, cultural, confessional and linguistic diversity, mentioning the unique Kazakhstan's model of peaceful coexistence.