TURKPA took part in meeting on International Turkic Language(s) Day
February 10, 2021

On 10 February 2021, Deputy Secretary General Ali Yıldız took part in online consultation meeting on proposal of the International Turkic Language(s) Day organized by the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO.

Representatives of the National Commissions for UNESCO of Turkic-speaking countries, Turkic cooperation organizations, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, as well as ministries and various institutions of Turkey attended the meeting.

The participants exchanged views on introducing a draft resolution on the proclamation of an International Turkic Language(s) Day to UNESCO, having mentioned that celebration of such day could contribute to promotion of culture and values of Turkic peoples, increasing the visibility of the Turkic world.

In his turn, Mr. Yıldız highly appreciated the initiative and noted readiness to discuss various aspects of the issue in a meeting that could brought together parliamentarians and relevant experts from member countries. He mentioned that the Assembly would render support to the activities within UNESCO through the mechanisms of parliamentary diplomacy.