Meeting on the occasion of Victory Day was held at the TURKPA Secretariat
November 5, 2021

On 5 November 2021, a meeting on the occasion of the 8 November – Victory Day was held at the TURKPA Secretariat. Secretary General Mehmet Süreyya Er made a speech at the meeting, congratulating Azerbaijani people on this significant event and commemorated the martyrs of the Patriotic War, wished speedy recovery to the Ghazis, as well as stressed the significance of the success achieved during victory march.

It was noted that baseless territorial claims against Azerbaijan for about 30 years and ethnic cleansing carried out resulted in unjust occupation of historical lands of Azerbaijan.

In a matter of 44 days the glorious Azerbaijani army liberated the motherland with its unprecedented courage and persistence and this great victory was engraved in the modernhistory as a unique event.It was also emphasized that the Turkic speaking countries have always won in the historical struggle for their homeland.

The will of the Azerbaijani people, the successful policy pursued by the country's leader, the modern army building, as well as the support provided by brotherly Turkic speaking states in this struggle, ensured the victory of the country and proved to the whole world that Azerbaijan gained a historic victory over the enemy.