TURKPA Mission held meetings in Bishkek
November 26, 2021

On 26 November 2021, TURKPA Election Observation Mission held meetings with officials of political parties contesting the parliamentary elections in the Kyrgyz Republic within the framework of its observation program.

Representatives of the political parties informed the TURKPA observers on their election platforms and expectations from the upcoming parliamentary elections of 28 November 2021 held on the basis of mixed system.

On 27 November, the Mission met with Acting Chairperson of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament Mrs. Aida Kasymaliyeva.

Mrs. Kasymaliyeva stressed the significance of observation of elections by TURKPA missions in terms of providing fair, democratic and transparent elections. She informed the Mission on preparation for the elections and main features of the upcoming parliamentary elections, including the mixed system of election of members of parliament and quota-related regulatory framework for the political parties contesting the elections through proportional system.

Earlier, on 25 November, the Mission also had meeting with Chairperson of the Central Election Commission for Elections and Referenda of the Kyrgyz Republic Mrs. Nurzhan Shaildabekova.