Kyrgyz President met with heads of observation missions
November 29, 2021

On 29 November 2021, President of the Kyrgyz Republic H.E. Sadyr Zhaparov met with the heads of international election observation missions taking part in the monitoring of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan. Head of the TURKPA Election Observation Mission, member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mr. Recep Şeker took part at the meeting.

Emphasizing the particular significance of the parliamentary elections took place for the future of the country and society, Head of State expressed gratitude for participation in the observation of electoral process in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz President touched on the new system of election of members of parliament and noted the competitive environment during the parliamentary elections, mentioning that the electoral legislation had introduced quotas for women, youth, ethnic minorites and persons with disabilities for representation of all segments of society in the parliament. President Zhaparov stressed the efforts made for conducting fair, transparent and competitive elections, meeting the demand of the society.

Heads of observation missions congratulated Head of State and the Kyrgyz people on successful conducting of the parliamentary elections and noted the high-level organizational work on holding the elections and ensuring the transparency of the electoral process.