TURKPA attended the International Turkic language event
December 15, 2021

On December 15, 2021, Bauyrzhan Datkayev, Secretary of Commission on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs, took part in an international event dedicated to the Turkic language, organized by Pamukkale University together with the Eurasian Authors’ Union with the support of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO on the occasion of the Day of decrypting the Orkhon-Yenisei inscriptions of Turkic researcher V. Thomsen that was held in an online format.

Prof. Dr. Nergiz Bıray, Director of the Center for Research and Practice of Languages and Cultures of Altai Communities, Prof. Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu, Chairman of the Eurasian Authors’ Union, Prof. Dr. Öcal Oğuz, President of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Dr. Nabi Avcı, former President of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, Rector of Pamukkale University addressed the opening of the event.

Within the framework of the event, a Round table on “Proclamation of the day of the Turkic language” was organized with the participation of parliamentarians, ambassadors, heads and representatives of Turkic cooperation institutions, Turkic linguists, National Commissions for UNESCO and cultural figures of Turkic Speaking Countries.

At the online panel of the International Day of the Turkic language, the impact of the Turkic language on the formation of peoples and states in the past and the possibilities of the future were discussed.