TURKPA Referendum Observation Mission monitored referendum in Kazakhstan
June 5, 2022

On 5 June 2022, TURKPA Referendum Observation Mission (ROM) visited a number of polling stations in Nur-Sultan to monitor the voting process. The Mission observed the process at all stages, having monitored casting of votes, talked to polling stations' officials and local observers on the ground. The observers also were present during the opening and closing of polling station.

On the same day, the Mission met with the ROM of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS. The missions exchanged views on the monitoring process of the referendum and cooperation between the two Assemblies.

Within the framework of its observation program, members of the Mission gave interview to local mass media.

On the next day, the Mission held a press conference on the preliminary outcomes of its observation. Head of Mission Mr. Recep Şeker informed the media representatives on the monitoring activities of the TURKPA Mission mentioning that referendum administration bodies were well-resourced and professionally prepared for conduct of referendum. Overall voting process in the visited polling stations was assessed positively by the Mission. According to the preliminary information of the Central Referendum Commission, the voter turnout for the referemdum was approximately 68,06%, while approximately 77,18% of votes were in favour of the question submitted to the referendum.

The Mission concluded that the nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution was held in compliance with the national legislation of Kazakhstan and international standards.