TÜRKPA Secretary General Mr. Ramil Hasanov participated in the 35th plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia on 01-03 June 2010
June 3, 2010

During the session, a conference on “Role of Parliamentary Diplomacy in Strengthening International Law” was conducted. TÜRKPA (Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking Countries) Secretary General made a speech in the session of the Assembly on ”Parliamentary Democracy and the Principles of International Law”, and spoke about establishment and activity of TURKPA and its mutual relations with PABSEC.

The plenary session presided by the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament was joined by the Vice-Speakers of the Turkish and Russian parliaments, heads of the delegations of other countries and representatives of internal organizations. The Deputy Secretary General of TURKPA, Mr. Kurshat Melih Sariarslan also participated in the plenary session.