Meeting of the delegations of TURKPA member countries in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
March 20, 2012

Upon the initiative of the delegations of Kazakhstan and Turkey in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, meeting of the delegations of the TURKPA member countries was held on 24 February 2012 in Vienna in the framework of the OSCE PA 11th Winter Meeting.

Delegations shared their views on improving interaction among TURKPA member countries within the OSCE PA activities and expressed an opinion that enhanced coordination among TURKPA member countries would contribute to elaboration of joint attitude of member countries in addressing common issues at the OSCE PA. Mr. Emin Onen, Head of the Delegation of Turkey in the OSCE PA, extended his gratitude to all the delegations for accepting initiative to meet at the OSCE PA meeting under TURKPA auspices. He noted that first step in this direction has already been done and in future these meetings would promote inter-parliamentary dialogue among Turkic-speaking countries at all levels of multilateral cooperation. Mr. Maulen Ashimbayev, member of the delegation of Kazakhstan in OSCE PA, Chairman of Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security of Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, highly appreciated launching such an initiative and emphasized that this initial orientation meeting laid a basis for facilitating interaction between the TURKPA member countries within the OSCE PA activities. He added that in future such meetings in the OSCE PA framework should be held on regular basis. Ms. Rabiyat Aslanova, member of the delegation of Azerbaijan in the OSCE PA, welcomed delegations and emphasized that joint activities of the TURKPA member countries could assist in familiarizing OSCE community with problems and concerns of Turkic-speaking countries. Ms. Rosa Aknazarova, member of the delegation of Kyrgyzstan in the OSCE PA, expressed gratitude to the delegations of Kazakhstan and Turkey for this initiative and said that Kyrgyzstan supports activities aimed at enhancing interaction among Turkic-speaking countries both under TURKPA’s umbrella and within various international foras. All participants decided to maintain mutual contacts through the TURKPA International Secretariat and instructed Secretariat to play a coordination role in the interaction among member countries in the OSCE PA framework. Delegations agreed on formulation of agenda for the next meeting to be held in July 2012 at the OSCE PA Annual Session in Monaco, as well as on developing concrete mechanisms of such an interaction. TURKPA Secretariat will inform all the delegations on work in progress and arrange necessary preparations in this direction.