TURKPA Secretary General met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic.
March 30, 2012

TURKPA Secretary General Mr. Ramil Hasanov met with Mr. Turatbek Junushaliyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic on 29 March, 2012. Mr. Turatbek Junushaliyev said that Kyrgyzstan pays particular importance to cooperation with Turkic speaking states. In this regard interaction between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TURKPA is highly estimated. He noted that decision adopted by Council of Assembly to hold III Plenary Session in Bishkek was met with appreciation and Ministry has started serious preparation work in this direction. Expressing his gratitude for sincere reception Mr. Ramil Hasanov uttered his satisfuction with development of interaction in a high level and noted that organization actively operating in this direction. Secretary General said that TURKPA throught parliamentary diplomacy which is considered as a new format of interparliamentary cooperation pays special importance to development of principles of security, peace and democracy which are of great importance in the region and all over the world. At the same time besides interparliamentary cooperation TURKPA is highly interested in development relations with regional and another international organizations. Mr. Hasanov talked about implementation of mutual projects in order to develop relations with leading international organizations aiming at enhancing international relations of TURKPA. Secretary General noted that preparation work for the III Plenary Session had already started, established permanent commissions held their first meetings in 2011 and draft proposals had been prepared by commissions for the meeting of the Council of Assembly. Mr. Turatbek Junushaliyev noted that information on the activities of TURKPA sent by Secretariat on a regular basis and the Ministry always keep them in attention. He said that the organization was operating effectively, acting successfully in direction to increase international image and all necessary support would be done to hold the III Plenary Session of TURKPA in a high level. Mr. Bektemir Ziyadinov, Deputy Secretary General participared at the meeting, as well.