Chairman of the Parliament of Kyrgyz Republic received TURKPA Secretary General.
April 2, 2012

Mr. Asilbek Zhehenbekov, Chairman of the Parliament of Kyrgyz Republic received Mr. Ramil Hasanov, TURKPA Secretary General in the framework of the working visit to Bishkek on 30 March, 2012.

Greeting the guest Mr. Asilbek Zhehenbekov emphasized that although TURKPA is a newly established and young organization it has managed to achieve great success in a short period of time of its activity and he is sure in the near future it will turn into a leading international organization. At the same time he talked about the importance of TURKPA in development of bilateral and multilateral relations among Turkic speaking countries. Mr. Chairman said that it is important to enhance cooperation with fraternal countries such as Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and to carry out activities in this direction. In this regard he expressed his hope that this countries will actively participate in organizations work in the near future. Expressing his gratitude for sincere reception Mr. Ramil Hasanov noted that TURKPA is closely collaborate with the Parliament of Kyrgyz Republic and this cooperation is very significant for organization. Secretary General gave detailed information about international activities of TURKPA and said one of the priority aspects in the field of international cooperation is establishment of relationships with non-member Turkic speaking states and provide close participation of this countries in the work of organization. Mr. Hasanov stressed that the III Plenary Session of TURKPA will be held in Bishkek in 2012. He noted preparation work in this direction has already started by the Secretariat and the main objective of this working visit was to closely acquainted with preparation process for Plenary Session. It was noted that Kyrgyzstan has experience in this field and to held such Session creates opportunities for development of relations in political, economical, social, cultural and other fields among member countries. Secretary General said that this year chairmanship of the organization will pass from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan and expressed his assurance that TURKPA under the leadership of Mr. Asilbek Zhehenbekov will act effectively and get great achievements. Mr. Asilbek Zhehenbekov noted that decision to hold the III Plenary Session of TURKPA in Bishkek is a gratifying case, in this regard organisation committee has already been eltablished and expressed his assurance that III Plenary Session will be held in a high level. At the same time, another important issues related preparation for the III Plenary Session were discussed. Mr. Bektemir Ziyadinov, Deputy Secretary General participared at the meeting, as well.