April 17, 2012

Mr. Chairman, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear participants of the meeting!

First of all I would like to express gratitude to the parliament management, Secretary General of the Youth Forum of Islamic Conference Organization (ICO) for invitation to this important action.

With your permission I would like to inform you shortly about history of establishment of TÜRKPA and its activities.

The Parliament Assembly of Turkish-speaking Countries (TürkPA) was established in November 21, 2008, according to the Agreement signed by the Heads of parliaments of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Republic of Turkey.

Then, in September 29, 2009, the Ist plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkish-speaking Countries (TÜRKPA) was conducted in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku city. The TÜRKPA Regulations, Articles of Secretariat and Baku Declaration, and Statement regarding the permanent accomodation of the Secretariat in Baku city were adopted at the plenary session.

The TürkPA Chairmanship annually passes from one country to another by means of rotation in the English alphabetical order, and according to this order currently the Chairman if Azerbaijan. At the forthcoming session in October the Chairmanship will pass to Kazakhstan.

The TürkPA Secretariat is the authority located in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku city and has the status of international organization. The Parliament Assembly of Turkish-speaking Countries by means of parliamentary diplomacy as the qualitatively new stage of inter-parliamentary cooperation has an intention to render assistance in further development of political dialoque between the countries and create favorable politics for elaboration and implementation of different initiatives having the purpose of maintaining of regional and global security. One of the main goals of TürkPA is establishment of new relations and development of the existing ones with parliaments and other international organizations of the countries in the region and all over the world. On this basis I would like to make an emphasis that our organization has not been established against the third countries. Our goals include only strengthening of political and economic security of the countries on the grounds of refrainment from threat or use of force or economic or any other pressure, growth of national prosperity by means of full and rational use of natural resources; endevour to the new progress in the sphere of parliamentary diplomacy.

National parliaments are an important instrument of creation of common legal basis leading to the new type of mutual relations between the countries of the region. Parliaments and Parliament Assemblies play very important role in the development of international cooperation. It is necessary to expand and deepen the cooperation between deputies and diplomats in the international arena. One of development trends of inter-parliamentary diplomacy is creation of new opportunities of cooperation and their maximal deployment.

Parliamentary diplomacy is the new form of public diplomacy. Parliamentary diplomacy is one of primary and effective instruments in establishment of meaningful dialogue, strengthening of regional cooperation, and all-round consideration of national interests of the each country.

It is especially essential to emphasize the further extension of inter-parliamentary dialogue and cooperation, enhancement of activities and increase of parliamentarians� role in the main problems solution. Thereby, we should provide the complex approach to the solution of security questions, economic and humanitarian matters, and political initiatives. In this context the TürkPA lays special emphasis on cooperation with ICO as the international parliamentary organization having the sufficiently great experience. The TürkPA works in close rapport with the ICO Parliament Assembly (ICO PA), and on the base of mutual agreement conducts the activities that should give to our organizations the possibility to take part in sessions as Observers in the future. During my personal meeting with the Secretary General of the ICO PA Mr. Erol Kylych we reached the verbal consent regarding this matter.

Let me take this opportunity to express profound gratitude on behalf of the TürkPA management for brilliant conduction of this action at such high level, and for having the chance to address this forum. I show my appreciation to everybody who participated in conduction of this action.

Thank you very much for kind attention!