Speech of Mr. Aitybai Tagayev, Speaker of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic
May 23, 2012

Dear brothers, Mr. Speaker, deputies and guests!

I congratulate you all with the beginning of the First Plenary Session of TURKPA. All works we have done until this meeting have increased our experience in this sphere. Assembling the parliaments of fraternal countries owning the same historical roots, common culture and language, TurkPA makes an important step towards the establishment of the significant international organization. Therefore, we have no doubt that this Assembly will become one of the important organizations.

Dear colleagues! Our first plenary meeting is held under the shade of still continuing world economic crisis. If we look deeply, we will see that the aftereffects of financial crisis still continue.

Dear conferees, the world economic crisis has shown itself everywhere, as well as in our country. In my opinion the maintenance of trade and economic relations of TurkPA member countries is one of the important matters. In short, we have to unite our efforts and take joint actions in order to solve these issues. Rational use of economic facilities of the Turkic-speaking countries is very important for the purpose of developing cooperation in the spheres of trade, economy and investment. The future achievements of the Assembly will be an example not only for the world but also for our people. The multilateral relations in the cooperation are very important for the strengthening of mutual bilateral relations. The investigation of applying the interstate mutual decisions of the Turkic-speaking countries and acquisition of statistical information should always be under the control of TURKPA General Secretariat.

Owning rich natural resources and human potential, the Turkic-speaking countries are one of the important parts of the world from the economic and geopolitical standpoint. Therefore, comprehensive development and deepening of relations should be one of our duties. The preparation of conception on creating regional transit system within TURKPA in the near future is one of the important issues.

Besides strengthening relations among our states and people, and maintenance of information exchange, the development of the transit relations in the region will be natural with the establishement of this system.

Difficult economic situation in the region is one of the serious problems. It is important to unite our power and jointly act in order to strengthen environmental protection, to take preventive measures against natural disasters and tectonic incidents. What kind of actions can we take in this direction? I think as in the most issues, the acceptance of general environmental standards and mutual cooperation in this field will help in the solution of this problem.

There are commissions for different issues in every parliament. We have to assemble our power. In my opinion all the problems we face can be solved by using our experience.

Dear colleagues, the international organizations experience shows that the relations should be created on the base of common interests, mutual agreement and respect.

The incidents we faced in the past shows that neither country can overcome the threats and the menaces by itself in this complicated world. Therefore, we have to act together actively in order not to lose a minute connected with the issues of defense. So it is necessary to work on conceptual programs and implement varied projects.

We believe in the future of TURKPA and we are sure that this assembly will take reputable place among the international organizations. As the Turkic-speaking countries our common roots, culture and language unite each of us.

Dear friends, at the end of my speech I express my profound gratitudes to Mr. Ogtay Asadov, the Speaker of the Azerbaijan Parliament, for their hospitality and organizing the first plenary session of TURKPA. I believe that our first meeting that is conducted in Azerbaijan will have good results and I trust in the further development of TURKPA.

Thank you for your attention.