Speech of Mr. Ural Mukhamejanov, Speaker of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
May 23, 2012

Dear Speaker, valuable colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!

I express my sincere gratitude to the administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Milli Mejlis, as well as to Mr. Ogtay Sabir Asadov, the honourable speaker, on behalf of Kazakhstan parliament for holding first plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Speaking Countries which have common history, language and religion, in Baku.

I would like to begin my speech with phrase of Nizamaddin, the famous poet of Azerbaijan nation, the word from heart will be sincere. It is doubtless that people whose wishes and hearts are close, understand and support each other. Our meeting today is an example to this.

I congratulate the colleagues with the opening of belated first plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Speaking Countries. After gaining independence, newly revived relations among our countries, as well as among Summit of Heads of Turkic States, TURKSOY, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, Organization of the Islamic Conference, United Nations, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe are being developed to the new level.

We believe that 9th Summit Meeting of Presidents of Turkic Speaking Countries which will be held in Nakhchivan in near future will increase general Turkic cooperation to the new level.

If we look through the historical pages, we will see that our moral unity was formed on the solid basis of the long centuried relationship of our nations. The ancient Turkic inscriptions which are considered as the most remarkable achievement of common Turkic culture, as well as works of the thinkers who gave great contribution to the world culture, geniuses of leaders and heroes who are known for their great victory in the battlefield are open evidence of our historical roots.

The organizational works are very important for developing modern processes in order to protect the basis of historical traditions. The performing of Korogly opera of U. Hajibeyov, the great composer of Azerbaijan, in Bishkek, Almaty and Ankara is the symbol of the moral cooporation among our countries. This project where approximately 300 artists from the Turkic speaking countries participated, demonstrates the future perspectives of cultural cooperation.

Several activities propagating the rich history, literature and other moral values of our nation are implemented in the frameworks of the Cultural heritage program held by the initiative of the state leader of Kazakhstan.

As it is known, the achievements of Turkic culture have significant place in the world history. It is fact that having 4 million km2 area and approximately 200 million people on wide territory of Eurasia, the Turkic world has strategic, geopolitical weight in the world arena.

The experts estimate the rich natural resources of this land in 500 trillion USD. The role of of the Turkic states in transit transportation between Europe and Asia is evident. All of these show the benefits to be gained by the development of economic relations among the countries, mutual investment and increasing of the trade turnover.

In the first half of 2009, the trade turnover of Kazakhstan with Turkic speaking countries was 1.53 billion USD. These countries invested 1.6 billion dollars to Kazakhstan. The investment of Kazakhstan to those countries was 879 million dollar in 2004-2008. These figures indicate that the potential among the countries was not fully used.

The relations between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are developing. Our countries cooperate in the framework of several international organizations, as well. Kazakhstan is interested in developing relations with Azerbaijan in every field. At present, Kazakhstan is the second motherland of more than 85 thousand Azerbaijani people. There are enough people who gained respect among people and serve the country. Azerbaijani societies and groups such as Gobustan, Azeri, Motherland, Haydar, Friendship acting in Kazakhstan contributes to the development of the interethnic relations.

Finalizing economic and democratic reforms with success, Kazakhstan gained stable economic development. Today, we evaluate the transition to the presidential and parliamentary model from the presidential government model in our country.

Kazakhstan makes contribution to the security and protection of stability in the world. During the first days of independence, Kazakhstan was the first country in the world history to reject nuclear development and in such a way to give great contribution to the peace and stability.

Hosting more than 130 people and ethnic groups, today, Kazakhstan is an example of ethnic and religious tolerance. People Assembly of Kazakhstan plays a successful role in provision of social stability and peace.

The meeting of world and religious leaders in Astana is an obvious example of support that our country gives to the development of intercultural dialogue.These meetings were held 3 times in Astana.

Chairing the OSCE next year, for the first time among CIS and Asia countries,Kazakhstan implements State Program European Way understanding the great importance of this duty. The main aim of the program is to bring the country to the strategical cooperation level with leading countries of Europe.

The chairing of OIC by Kazakhstan in 2011 will be reason for the improvement of the prestige of the country in the Islamic world. To streghten the multilateral cooperation of the country, the efforts on calling the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building in Asia are important. Since its foundation, this forum was the center of open exchange of views concerning the protection of peace and security in Asia.

Dear Speaker, valuable colleagues!

The meeting of our parliament members today is the realization of our long-standing wishes. I again congratulate you on occasion of witnessing the great historical event.

The Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries, first of all, will improve the ecomonic relations among our countries by adjusting the legislations to each other. At the same time, it will be useful in development of parliamentary cooperation, adjustment of political positions, exchange of knowledge, promotion of culture, strenghtening the ecomonic cooperation and other issues. We shall give great importance to the implementation of the exchange of experience among the parliaments in this assembly. We absolutely believe that TURKPA will reach the level of great organizations such as OSCE PA, PACE, and OIC PA. Our unity will lead the economic development, peace, prosperity and progress.

I wish success to all of you in this work.