Speech of Mr. Ogtay Asadov, Chairman-in-Office of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries (TURKPA), Speaker of Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan
May 23, 2012

Dear colleagues! Ladies and gentlemen!

I heartily greet you in the first plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries. I wish efficient and successful work to all colleagues participating at the meeting. I hope the exchange of views, advices, and decisions to be conducted at the meeting will create the strong foundation for the efficient activity of the organization.

Dear colleagues, the regional integration process gradually gains wide scope in modern world. The establishment of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking Countries and its activity is an extremely important event in the history of our nations.

In fact, the increasing role of our regions in the world policy and economy highlighted the close unity and importance of cooperation among all members of Turkic-speaking nations family. Still, the most important platform for the political dialogue among our nations was the summit of state leaders held constantly. These summits helped in the solution of the political, economic, cultural and other problems of our region, and realization of the idea of the Turkic unity.

The parliamentary assembly of friendly and brother nations that belong to the same root and share common national and cultural values, will help the development of the political, economic, cultural, social relations among our countries, and will lead to the solution of many problems which are common for us. The activity of the organization will support the works aimed at intensifying the integration among the states, and comprehensive development of the region.

Dear colleagues!

The importance and role of the parliamentary diplomacy has considerably increased in the modern world. Parliamentary diplomacy which is a new stage in the inter-parliamentary cooperation gives solid contributions to the development of the political dialogue among the states. I consider that activity of TURKPA will be efficient also from this point. Our Parliamentary Assembly will be organized as a democratic forum of the inter-parliamentary communication, and will create favorable conditions for the implementation and suggestion of different initiatives in order to create peaceful and developing zone.

At present, the great economic projects are being implemented in our region which connect Europe and Asia, north and south closely. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum oil and gas pipelines which export the Caspian oil and gas to the world market have already been launched, and the completion date of other energy and transportation projects is close. Being the good examples of the regional cooperation, these projects will bring the prosperity and development to our nations.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Of course, while speaking about the success and achievements, we should not forget our problems. Firstly, I mean the nationalistic and ethnic separatism problem Azerbaijan has faced. Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict to which we were forced is not solved till today, it delays the development of our country and creates serious threat for peace and stability in the region and generally in the world. Azerbaijan is loyal to the solution of this conflict by peaceful means on the basis of the well-known international law principles and norms, as well as on the basis of the principle of territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of the state. Elimination of the results of violence against our country will create new perspectives for the development of regional cooperation. I believe that development of the region into a peaceful and stable zone will meet the interests of all nations living here.

Dear friends and colleagues!

At the end of my speech, let me wish success to our esteemed meeting, peace, prosperity and progress to our people. I express my gratitude for your attention.

Closing the meeting, Mr. Ogtay Asadov, the speaker of the parliament of Azerbaijan said that meeting demonstrated the purposefulness in intensifying the friendly and brotherly relations of people. The speaker of Milli Mejlis expressed that the decision adopted at the meeting will contribute to the development of democratic processes and becoming peace and prosperity zone of the region.