Speech of Mr. Mehmet Ali Şahin, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey
May 23, 2012

Honourable Chairmen of Assemblies and Senates of the Brother Countries, Honourable Members of Parliaments, Dear Participants,

I would like to begin my speech by stating my appreciation I feel for being here with you for the Second Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic – Speaking Countries.

First, I would like to thank to my dear friend Oral Muhammedjanov, Chairman of Parliament of Kazakhstan Republic and who hosts this important meeting and then to all those who has contributed to this event.

Being here with you as the Chairman of the Assembly of the country who was the first in the world to recognize the declarations of independence by your parliaments 20 years ago, increases the pleasure and happiness I feel.

I hereby congratulate by heart the 20th Anniversary of your independence to be celebrated with common events.

I salute you all with love and respect on the occasion of this significant meeting, which will further strengthen the parliamentary solidarity among our brother nations who are connected with each other with strong and steady ties.

Honourable participants,

The Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic – Speaking Countries, which we accomplished with our common signatures in Istanbul in 2008 as the parliaments of the brother countries who share the same history, culture and language, gains more strength day by day.

This organization, whose master mind was the Honourable Nazarbayev, the astute and visionary leader of Kazakhstan, is the concrete reflection of our brotherhood which takes its roots from deep historical, cultural, and humanitarian ties.

On this occasion, we would like to thank once more to Honourable Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, who has broadened the horizons for this initiative for our parliaments with his wisdom and farsightedness,.

Honourable Participants,

I have the belief that these multidirectional ties and rich potential of our countries, offer significant opportunities which would be vouchsafed to very few countries and communities in the world.

It is clear that improving the cooperation in every field by strengthening our ties based on brotherhood principle would be benefit of both our countries and nations.

TÜRKPA, which has been established under the leadership of our parliaments, constitutes the most important part of these efforts that we acknowledge as a common historical responsibility.

In as much as, this organization, which brings together our parliaments, represents the meeting and embracing of our nations as well.

This is an international platform where the brother nations with common sorrow and happiness come together and find solutions to their problems and try to establish a strong future vision together.

TÜRKPA is a young parliamentary organization; however, in its foundation it has the deep rooted history and rich cultural background of our nations who have left their marks in the history of the world.

Turkic World, which spreads over a vast geography, has dominated the history, has always been a source of inspiration, and a pioneer in serving for humanity.

In order to leave a much more promising future to the next generations by sublimating the unique values we inherited from our history, culture, geography, the notions we will put forward here will be of vital importance.

I believe that the success that we will accomplish with the spirit of cooperation and solidarity under this roof shall sustain us all to create a vast prosperous area in the Eurasia region which is the home for Turkic world and to overcome the current difficulties.

Dear Participants,

With the significant resolutions we took at the First Plenary Session which we held in Baku in 2009, previously TÜRKPA has accomplished important achievements by establishing a well functioning secretariat as first.

With TÜRKPA, the members of the parliaments who are the representatives of the nations, have had the opportunity to better know each other and have become more sensitive to our problems within the frame of this structure which takes firm steps on the path of institutionalization.

Our Parliaments, which are the representatives of our national sovereignties which we would never give up under any circumstance, have had the opportunity to share their experiences in the field of legislation and their visions regarding the development of our countries with each other.

I also would like to mention that we celebrated the 91st Anniversary of the Establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly with the joy of a festival with our entire nation in the previous week.

Participation by our beloved children from Turkic Republics in the celebrations in our country actually has been the best indication that all the brother nations shared our enthusiasm as well.

Our Assembly, which we celebrated the 91st Anniversary of its establishment with these significant events, led our independence war, declared our Republic, and shaped the fate of our nation by establishing all the institutions of our State.

Our Assembly, which has a deep rooted history and a strong parliamentary democracy tradition, will continue to support and share its knowledge and experience with the parliaments, which are the representatives of the brother nations, as it has done in the past.

Again, we celebrated the Newroz, which is a very special festival for the entire Turkic world and which symbolizes the coming of the spring, together last month.

I have the pleasure to participate in the first time celebrations under the roof of United Nations of the Newruz Festival which embodies unique values and comes today by enriching itself with the depth of the thousands of years.

I appreciate these efforts in the lead of TÜRKSOY to gain a universal nature for Newroz which ties Turkic world with each other through deep rooted ties and builds a bridge among our societies.

I think that we are giving strong messages to entire world by celebrating altogether the hearth warming joy of Newroz and the excitement of independence of our countries as the members of an extended family.

My Dear Colleagues,

As you may very well know, the first Turkish Speaking Countries Summit was held in 1992 with a view to develop dialogue, cooperation, and solidarity among our brother countries which are equal and sovereign states.

Since that first summit, important steps have been taken as well for the institutionalization of the relations among our countries at the top level as the result of the support and steady participation of you brother countries.

During these Summits, we gladly observed that there is a common desire to strengthen the cooperation among our countries, preserve, and improve our shared values.

This desire is also significant for verifying the importance and the potential of Eurasia at the international platforms at the top level.

The Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States, which was resolved to be established with the Convention we signed in Nakhchivan in 2009 and brought into being with the 10th Turkish Speaking Countries Summit which was held in Istanbul on 16 September 2010, is the product of this desire.

When considered together with TÜRKPA, TÜRKSOY and Academy of Turkic World, the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States, whose first summit to be held also in Kazakhstan in autumn, offers us a vast infrastructure for the institutionalization of the acquisitions in the Turkic World and the improvement of our multilateral cooperation.

In this way, Turkic World has intensively begun to use its strong potential, which it could not adequately make use of in the past, with its leaders, parliaments, economic and cultural structures.

We sincerely wish Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to take their places in this institutionalization process when the time comes and participate in our strong association which is for the benefit of our countries.

I believe that this chamber of friendship, this circle of brotherhood will grow with affection and love and become stronger with our cooperation.

Dear Precious Participants,

We will make real of the ideals of our ancestors whom we always remember with respect and who made efforts for the same ideals before us, when we gain success in solidarity and strengthening our brotherhood ties. We can open the doors for a peaceful future as Abay, minstrel of Kazakhstan and wise man of Turkic World, mentions in his words “I could not find a better friend than the peace”.

I believe that we will welcome brighter days as long as we keep our souls together and deepen our cooperation.

I once more salute the present honourable Chairmen of Parliaments and Senates and the precious participants with these feelings and opinions and present my wishes for happiness and healthiness to our brother nations through you.

Thank you.