Speech of Mr. Ahmatbek Keldibekov, Chairman of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic
May 29, 2012

Dear Mr. Chairman!

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!

Аllow me on behalf of the parliamentary delegation of the Kyrgyz Republic to welcome everybody and thank organizers for invitation to participate in the Second Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries which established on Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev’s the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan initiative proposed during the VIII Summit of the Heads of the Turkic-speaking countries and the for great arrangement of this meeting. This session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries is being held in anniversary year. Twenty years ago former Soviet republics became independent and full members of the world community. On 31st of August 1991, the Kyrgyz parliament accepted the Declaration on independence of Kyrgyzstan and become an independent state at the new stage of its centuries-old history start its own way of development. Next year in 1992 were approved basic symbols of statehood. They are flag, anthem. The important event was on 5th May 1993 the adoption of the first constitution of independent Kyrgyzstan. From that day our country named the Kyrgyz Republic and its supreme body called the Jogorku Kenesh. In a few days on 10th May 1993 one of the first in the post-Soviet area our republic has introduced its own national currency – Som. Thus Kyrgyzstan has become de jure and de facto independent state. The new state had been building in hard and difficult conditions. We have got the country where wasn’t the necessary sufficient prerequisites for sustainable progressive development in a new historical conditions. Besides because of rupture of economic relations which had established during the Soviet period whole industry almost had stopped and come a deep economic recession. All these processes were negatively reflected in a quality of life of the population and has led to its sharp decrease. In short, Kyrgyzstan was at critical level. Therefore to reform the countrys economy and political system became objective necessity. The country’s top political leadership of that time has made the decision on simultaneous reforming the all spheres of public life such as public administration, political system, economics, social service, culture and spirituality. As the result implemention of market relations in the economy which on the basis of private property, including the private land ownership. The new structure of the state power based on the democratic principle of division. There are a lot of political parties and non-governmental organizations in the republic actually and also are provided right to freedom of belief and freedom expression. However, unfortunately, the carried out reforms didn’t rise in the standard of living and provide prosperity of Kyrgyz citizens. We continue to fall behind of many countries according to the standard of living. In spite of reforming we failed to build effective system of the state power and public administration. It was cut off from the people, corrupted and engaged in protecting the own interests. In relationship with people the state power began to put more pressure on people, limit the citizens rights and freedoms and use threat and force. As a result of that people twice refused credence to the former leaders in managing the state. 2010 became an especial year in a modern history of our country – the time of national trials, hopes and optimism. In April mass protests of the disaffected people have compelled the President of the country to leave his post ahead of time and to leave the country. In June in the south of country took place ethnic conflict provoked by separatists and extremists. Unfortunately, there been victims and sufferings. And during that difficult moment our people have once again shown the wisdom and patience, without having allowed provokers to stir up enmity and hate. One year passed from those tragic events and now the situation in the republic has stabilized, the process of dialogue and reconciliation between parts of the conflict, reconstruction of destroyed lodging and other objects are going on. Thereupon, I would like to express sincere gratitude to the people and the heads of Turkic-speaking countries, Kazakhstan and Turkey for support and the humanitarian assistance during those events. It would be difficult for us without your support and assistance. As I said before the last year was the year not only of difficulties and conflicts but also it was the year of hopes and optimism. In June, 2010 was adopted a new Constitution by the national referendum according to it developed another government system unlike former system in Kyrgyzstan. Now the Jogorku Kenesh together with the government is jointly liable for economic and social situation in the country. Just because the parliament forms the supreme body of executive power independently on the principles of the parliamentary majority. Consequently by the October elections of last year was elected the new Jogorku Kenesh which formed the coalition government. Thus, there are all legitimate authorities in Kyrgyzstan. Today all efforts of its branches are aimed for further strengthening of public stability, prosperity and improvement of people’s life quality. I have to admit that the first steps within the limits of parliamentary republic are not easy. We didnt have an experience of parliamentarianism and public expectations from this state system were high and now there are disagreements between different state structures. Nevertheless the people and the power intend to go firmly on the chosen way to achieve improvement of life. Today Kyrgyzstan is attractive to many countries and international organizations, its image changes to a positive direction in the world community and readiness to cooperate with us is shown by big financial institutions and investors, and in the first place by the Turkic-speaking countries. The realization of big economic projects are planned in republic such as building of the railway China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan, development of rich deposits of natural resources, building of hydroelectric power plants, highways, industrial projects and etc.. Speaking at this forum I have to touch upon the issue of relationship of our country with the neighboring and far states. In spite of cardinal transformation of the political power in Kyrgyzstan I would like to emphasize that the country’s foreign policy not changed. The chosen strategy of all-round cooperation and neighborly relationship, active participation in the decision of regional and global problems is still in force. Today we dont have opposing views and conflicts with any state of the world. I avail myself of this opportunity to address to my colleagues, heads of parliaments of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and make the request for support a nominee of Kyrgyzstan on the elections of non-permanent members of the UN Security Council for 2012-2013 during the 65th session of General Assembly of the United Nations this year in October. I think that our republic with its active foreign policy, participation in the decision of some regional problems, particularly, in situation of settlement in Afghanistan and safety in the Central Asia, the decision of global environmental problems deserves the right to be a part of such authoritative international organization. Also I would like to note that our country firmly intends to participate in the activities of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries actively in future. In this connection the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic expresses readiness to hold the III plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries in May-June, 2012 in the of our country’s capital in Bishkek. Dear participants of the session! For twenty years of its independence the republic has passed really a historical way. As a result of transformations Kyrgyzstan is changed unrecognizably. Today it is a democratic state with dynamic developing civil society, active functioning multi-party system, political and vision pluralism and market economy. The people of Kyrgyzstan have every reason to be proud of and face the future with optimism.