PRESS RELEASE on the first half of 2012 activity of the TURKPA International Secretariat
June 21, 2012

The TURKPA International Secretariat being a permanently functioning working body of the Assembly, as well as a diplomatic mission accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan had successfully carried out its activity at the first half of 2012th year. TURKPA, through active participation of its Secretariat, has made a number of achievements in the field of international cooperation. TURKPA delegations have participated in the meetings, sessions and conferences of such international organizations, as OSCE PA, IPU, OSCE Council of Ministers, OIC Council of Ministers, PUIC, European Parliament, Baltic Assembly, GUAM, PABSEC and CIS IPA. The TURKPA delegation participated at the 7th Session of PUIC, at the 126th Assembly of IPU as an observer, as well as attended the meeting devoted to the 20th Anniversary of the Council of IPA CIS held in Almaty in 2012.
First time upon coordination of TURKPA’s Secretariat delegations of TURKPA member countries met during the OSCE PA Winter Session in 2012 and expressed their support to synergy actions in the OSCE PA framework. TURKPA Secretary General held bilateral meetings with OSCE Secretary General Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Ambassador Eoin O’Leary and special representative of the European Parliament Mr. Dick Toornstra. The main objective of these meetings was exchange of views on future cooperation with these institutions and delivering information on the activities, tasks and aims of the Assembly. International cooperation of TURKPA is based on recognition of legitimate and supreme role of the UN. In this context, TURKPA has applied for granting an observer status in the UN General Assembly. As a result of the efforts done by the permanent representations of the TURKPA member states in UN, this request was included to the agenda of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly. With support of the ministers of foreign affairs of member countries a positive result will be achieved in this direction during 2012.
TURKPA develops cooperation with Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states (CCTS) based on the common main objective to enhance the political, economic and cultural cooperation between the Turkic-speaking states. In this regard, relationships with TURKKON and TURKSOY were strengthened through participation in joint projects and creation of basis for the coordination activities. In this regard, TURKPA Secretary General participated in the First Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states held on 20-21 October 2011 in Almaty, where he informed heads of states and ministers of foreign affairs on TURKPA’s activities. Participation of TURKPA delegations in the next 2nd CCTS Summit is also expected. TURKPA’s established international mission for observing elections has monitored early elections to Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan held in January 2012. Final reports on results of elections were sent for information to the member parliaments and to a number of international organizations. It can be said that TURKPA’s mandate on international observation of elections is recognized and accepted by the international community. During that period bilateral meetings of TURKPA Secretary General were held with chairmen of the member parliaments and with foreign ministers, where consultations and suggestions were conducted.
TURKPA is highly interested in close interaction with other Turkic-speaking countries. Thus, there is a process of developing contacts with the parliaments of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In accordance with the Istanbul Agreement and with the view of enhancing inter-parliamentary cooperation, TURKPA has conducted experience-exchange programme among the parliaments of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. This process is continuing and has brought successful results. TURKPA gives particular importance to strengthening a common inter-parliamentary platform for dialogue at a global level. TURKPA believes that parliamentary diplomacy, as complementing the traditional diplomacy, will play particular role in strengthening peace, democracy and economic development the world over. TURKPA’s close cooperation with the international institutions of Asia and Europe is crucial in intensifying the inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue between the civilizations and highlighting tolerance issue, being a basic factor in the world agenda. TURKPA Publications TURKPA’s legal documents have been translated into 5 languages and published by the TURKPA Secretariat in the form of small book. In accordance with TURKPA Commission on Legal Affairs, constitutions of member countries, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have been translated into official languages of organization and published. Future perspectives In near future, it is planned to hold the next meetings of the permanent commissions, organize international conferences and implement projects aiming at developing of relations with other regional and neighbouring national parliaments, as well as at intensifying cooperation between Turkic-speaking states. Moreover, in accordance with decision of the Commission on International Relations it is expected to organize international conference on “Role of youth leadership in development process of interstate cooperation” and “TURKPA: New Level of Inter-parliamentary Cooperation”. At the same time upon invitation of the ambassador of Ireland, which is the OSCE chairing country, TURKPA Secretary General is expected to address to the OSCE Permanent Council. The main purpose of this event is to present detailed information on TURKPA to the ambassadors of the OSCE participating states, as well as to answer the questions of the OSCE Permanent Council on matters of mutual interest and discuss prospects of cooperation among two organizations. Official internet site of TURKPA was upgraded and everyone can access to any information on its activities. Inclusion of English language as one of the official languages of TURKPA is an important step in the process of TURKPA’s international cooperation and its integration to the system of international relations. The TURKPA member parliaments and ministries of foreign affairs play significant role in the successful activities of the Assembly. Parliament and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Host Country providing TURKPA Secretariat with excellent conditions and consistently support its activities.