December 23, 2012

Dear Mr. Chairman, Dear members of commission, Ladies and gentlemen,

Since December 2011 TURKPA, through active participation of its International Secretariat has made a number of achievements in the field of international cooperation. TURKPA delegations have participated in the meetings, sessions and conferences of such international organizations, as OSCE PA, IPU, OSCE Council of Ministers, PUIC, CICA, Turkic Council and CIS IPA.

First time upon coordination of TURKPA’s Secretariat delegations of TURKPA member countries met during the OSCE PA Winter Session in 2012 and expressed their support to synergy actions in the OSCE PA framework. During the OSCE PA 21st Annual Session held in July 2012 in Monaco, proposals on joint actions of the TURKPA member countries in the OSCE PA were presented in written form to four delegations. During the Session in Monaco, TURKPA made its contribution to coordination of actions of TURKPA member countries in the OSCE PA framework. Thus, the OSCE PA committee on human rights and democracy have presented a number of biased draft resolutions relating to the events in Zhanaozen. Nevertheless, under the TURKPA’s coordination its four member countries took a common stand on this issue, and moreover, majority of the OSCE PA members voted against these draft resolutions. Member of the Kyrgyz Parliament was elected to the position of Vice-Chairman of the OSCE PA Economic Committee and joint activities of the TURKPA member countries have made positive contribution to this process.

During this period, I have held bilateral meetings with OSCE Secretary General Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Ambassador Eoin O’Leary and special representative of the European Parliament Mr. Dick Toornstra. The main objective of these meetings was exchange of views on future cooperation with these institutions and delivering information on the activities, tasks and aims of our Assembly. I would like to inform you that upon invitation of the ambassador of Ireland, which is the OSCE chairing country, in my capacity of the TURKPA Secretary General, I addressed to the OSCE Permanent Council. The main purpose of this event was to present detailed information on TURKPA to the ambassadors of the OSCE participating states, as well as to discuss the matters of mutual interest and prospects of cooperation among two organizations. In my speech, I presented to the attention of participants the basic aspects of future cooperation platform between TURKPA and OSCE, as well as expressed a view on TURKPA’s role that might play in strengthening of peace, stability in the region by using opportunities of parliamentary diplomacy.

TURKPA’s application for granting an observer status in CICA, one of the worlds’ leading organizations with 24 member countries, was taken into consideration and positively accepted by the organization. TURKPA has been granted Observer Status to the CICA as of 31 July 2012. I am confident that observer status in CICA will create conductive atmosphere for greater interaction between two organizations. As you know, the Assembly was granted an observer status by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC).

TURKPA delegation attended the 127th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union which took place between 21 and 26 of October in Quebec City, Canada. During this visit we held several fruitful meetings. I would like to particularly mention the meeting with H.E. Nurlan Nigmatulin, Chairman of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During this meeting, issues on developing inter-parliamentary cooperation among member countries by means of parliamentary diplomacy, strengthening security and peace at the regional and global level, as well as supporting comprehensive cooperation with all the international organizations on the basis of mutual respect were discussed.

In the framework of the 127th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, TURKPA Secretary General made a speech on “Multilateralism and Parliamentary Diplomacy”. In his speech Secretary General shortly informed participants on the tasks, objectives, activities, latest developments of TURKPA and talked about TURKPA’s role in development relations among Turkic-speaking states. It was stressed that TURKPA seeks to enhance relations not only with inter-parliamentary institutions, but also with inter-governmental ones. Secretary General talked about interaction between parliamentary and traditional diplomacy and noted that Parliamentary diplomacy is considered as complementing the traditional diplomacy contributing to promotion of political dialogue and exchange of views at the various levels.

TURKPA develops cooperation with Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states (CCTS) and TURKSOY based on the common main objective to enhance the political, economic and cultural cooperation between the Turkic-speaking states. Relationships with Turkic Council and TURKSOY may be strengthened through participation in joint projects and creation of basis for the coordination activities. Until now, our organizations participate in the activities of each other. Thus, TURKPA delegation participated in the First and Second Summits of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states and in a number of events organized by TURKSOY. As you know, both Turkic Council and TURKSOY participate in our Plenary Sessions. This mutual participation provides us with exchange of information on the activities of three organizations.

I think the topic of today’s meeting is very important due to necessity of developing cooperation between the brother organizations at the qualitatively new level. Concrete mechanisms of interaction among us could be established in the near future. And this meeting would be crucial step towards achieving this objective.

Finally, I want to especially mention the important role and support of Parliaments and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the TURKPA member states in successful international cooperation carried out by the Assembly.

I would like to express my particular gratitude to Mazhilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan and H.E. Nurlan Nigmatulin, Chairman of Mazhilis for hosting 2nd meeting of Commission and great hospitality extended to us.

Thank you for the attention.