Workshop of legal experts organized in Istanbul
March 19, 2014

On 18 March, 2014 in Istanbul under the auspices of the Turkish Chairmanship in TURKPA and with the support of the Union of Municipalities of the Turkic World, as well as the Istanbul University an experts workshop titled “Harmonization of national legislation of the member countries in the TURKPA framework” was held.

During the workshop held at the premises of the Istanbul University TURKPA Secretary General J.Asanov, Vice Rector of the Istanbul University M.Ak, Director of the Institute of Eurasian Researches of the Istanbul University B.Gunay, Deputy Dean and Professor of Law F.Gedikli, Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of the Turkic World M. Bașkurt, as well as other dignitaries spoke of the need to accumulate experts potential in order to improve a legislative basis for the TURKPA member countries growing interaction. The seminar adopted a list of recommendations to the TURKPA parliaments. The gathering was attended byhigh ranked dignitaries and officers of the administrations of the TURKPA parliaments.