June 18, 2014

Dear Mr. Chairman, Honourable Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Dear colleagues,

This is my first participation in the Council of Foreign Ministers within the framework of the Summit of the Turkic Councilin capacity of the TURKPA Secretary General. I am honoured to attend this august gathering, as both the Turkic Council and TURKPA are core institutions that deal with coordination of expanding cooperation among the Turkic speaking countries.

There is one agenda for Turkic cooperation, which is set by the heads of state and TURKPA,as the parliamentary dimension of the Turkic cooperation,is committed to providelegislative backing to all the projects and undertakings of the Turkic Council. Here I am of the view that more coordinated actions among these two bodies will ensure integrity of interaction within the format of Turkic cooperation.

Currently TurkPA’s four commissions are dealing with the cultural, educational, social, economic and other issues that are reflected on the agenda of Turkic cooperation. At this stage the priority for TurkPA is the accumulation of legislative expert potential and in this regard TURKPA’s current chairmanship – Turkey’s Büyük Millet Meclisi - has initiated organization of experts’ meetings in various fields of inter-parliamentary cooperation of the member countries. Thus, the Turkish parliament has organized a roundtable on good governance and fight with corruption as well as workshop of legal experts dedicated to the harmonization of national legislation of the member countries. Moreover, the Parliament of Turkey hosted the first-ever meeting of the members of the committees of national parliaments that deal with social policies and healthcare, which turned out to be full for very useful exchanges since our countries have vast working experience within the CIS and EU institutions. TurkPA does not have immediate goals of adopting model laws, however the process of increasing its legislative expert potential may prove useful and timely both for the Turkic cooperation as a whole as well as for the member-nations.

I would like to take the opportunity to say a few words of TurkPA’s Secretariat, which is located in Baku and we are thankful to the hosts – Republic of Azerbaijan – for their hospitality and creation of required conditions for the Secretariat and its staff-members to fulfil our duties. The personnel of the Secretariat includes representatives of parliaments of four TurkPA countries and the Secretariat, apart from coordinating interaction among the four parliaments, carries out correspondence in five languages and our web-site also operates in five languages.

Respectful ministers and colleagues,

TurkPA pays serious attention to the further expansion of cultural and educational ties within its format. For example, the 3rd meeting of its Commission on social, cultural and humanitarian affairs held in Bishkek on 15th April this year noted the shortage of professional interpreters with fluent knowledge of our national languages as well asnoticeable lack of information flow among TurkPA’s member-states. The above said two aspects are intertwined.

In the light of above said current TURKPA Chair, Chairman of the Turkey’s Büyük Millet Meclisi tasked the TurkPASecretariat to seek for efficient cooperation mechanisms with academic and scientific institutions in our member countries. As a result, this year we signed memoranda of cooperation with the Turkic Academy located in Astana and Manas Kyrgyz-Turkish University and are about to sign such memorandum with AhmetYesevi Kazakh-Turkish University. The parties agree that there is a need to introduce a discipline at the specialised educational institutions on the interpretation techniques, which would lead to a) scientific development of this field, b) compilation of dictionaries and glossaries, c) creation of substantial pool of professional interpreters and d) creation of full-fledged information exchange channels in all the fields. TurkPA also has intentions to set up an association of Turkic speaking interpreters.

At its upcoming 5th plenary session to be held in Baku on 12-13 June, 2014 TurkPA is planning to restructure its commissions with a view to pay greater attention to environmental issues and development of green economy and alternative sources of energy as well.

TurkPAis going to grant to the Republic of Hungary an observer statusat its 5th plenary session.

While concluding my speech I avail myself of this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Ambassador HalilAkinci, whose tenure as the Secretary General of Turkic Councilis about to be completed. I express my appreciation for the Ambassador’s tireless efforts dedicated to making the Turkic cooperation constructive and fruitful.

I would also like to convey my best wishes of unabated successes to the incoming Secretary General of Turkic Council Ramil Hasanov. Thank you for the attention!