TurkPA International Observers Mission is monitoring Turkey’s presidential elections
August 9, 2014

The TurkPA International Observers Mission has arrived in Turkey to conduct a short-term monitoring of the presidential elections to be held on 10 August, 2014 in the Republic of Turkey, which was held for first time by direct nationwide vote of the country’s citizens.

During the visit the TurkPA International Observers Mission headed by Mr. Nizami Jafarov, member of Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic, held meetings with Chairman of the Grand Election Council Mr. Sadi Güven, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mr. Haşim Kılış, member of the Millet Meclisi (Parliament), Chairman of TurkPA Commission on Legal Issues and International Cooperation Haluk İpek and other TurkPA members from the Turkish Parliament, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Naci Koru as well as other dignitaries. During these meetings the observers were given detailed information as regards the measures taken on preparation for presidential elections and ensuring internationally recognised election standards.

The Turkish officials said that the nationwide presidential elections were being organised for the first time and therefore the government took all the steps to ensure so all the citizens could use their right to vote. For example, from 31th July to 3rd August 2014 abroad Turkish citizens cast their ballots at Turkey’s diplomatic missions and points that were rented by the Turkish government. Total number of voters consisted of approximately 53 mln, including nearly 2.7 mln registered voters abroad. If in the first round of elections will not be an outright winner, then the second round of elections will be held 26 August 2014.