Kazakhstan commissions two national railways
August 25, 2014

Kazakhstan held a ceremony to commission two new railways, Zhezkazgan-Beineu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol on Aug. 22. The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the ceremony. Some 500 billion tenge were spent on the construction of these railways, Nazarbayev said at the ceremony [182 tenge = $ 1].

"Today we participate in a very important event of the year. We launch the two railway lines in one day and that happens for the first time in our history. The work of railways will determine the life of a number of regions throughout the republic for many years and decades to come. Launch of new lines, stations is possible in our country, for the economic development of Kazakhstan. The government spent $ 500 billion tenge on these railroads," he said.

Ceremony of commissioning the railways took place by means of direct connection with the starting points of construction: "Beyneu" station in the Mangistau region, the "Shalkar" station in the Aktobe region, "Saksaulskaya" station in Kyzylorda province and the city of Zhezkazgan.

Within the frameworks of the railways construction 1,200 kilometers of railway lines, 46 bridges and overpasses and other industrial infrastructure were built, 570 culverts points installed, more than 4,200 kilometers of power supply lines conducted, the president of "NC" JSC Kazakhstan Temir Joly "(KTZ) Askar Mamin said.

The rail transportations within the frameworks of the new lines will be implemented through 23 stations and 33 sidetrack, including the gateways "Arkalyk", "Shubarkol", "Zheskazgan", "Saksaulskaya", "Shalkar", "Beyneu", the head of the JSC said.

"Input of the newly commissioned railways activates routes of traffic on more than a thousand kilometers in the direction of "North-South" and "East-West" transport corridors, he said.

He added that the commissioning of new railway lines will significantly increase the transit potential of the Transkazakh transport corridors in all directions.

The railway construction project started in June 2012 and the railroads covered more than 1,200 km with the required infrastructure being set up simultaneously. The new rail routes will cut distances and cargo deliveries from the west to the north and from the north to the south of Kazakhstan expanding transit capacities.

It is expected that the 988 km-long railway Zhezkazgan-Beineu would secure the haulage of 26.2 million tonnes of exports and 4 million tonnes of transit cargo per year. The investment in the project was estimated at 501.390 billion tenge. The 214 km-long railway Arkalyk-Shubarkol required 133.2 billion tenge in investment.