Ahmet Yassawi University organized joint workshop with TURKPA
March 2, 2015

On 26 February 2015, the International Akhmet Yassawi Kazakh-Turkish University (IKTU) held a workshop titled “The Importance and Tasks of Literary Translation”, which was organized in the IKTU premises jointly with TURKPA.

The workshop was chaired by the IKTU President Walikhan Abdibekov and speakers – Mr. Aldan Smayil, member of the Kazakh parliament and TURKPA, Mr. Jandos Asanov, TURKPA Secretary General, Mr. Mustafa Nursoy, Vice-President of IKTU, Mr. Qulbek Ergobek, famous Kazakh academician, and other participants talked of the importance of literary linguistic translation in bringing closer various cultures and societies, developing all the spheres of science, economy and social life.

Speaking at the event, TURKPA Secretary General J. Asanov pointed to the lack of Kazakh-Turkish-Kazakh dictionaries and relevant educational materials, as well as insufficient situation in preparation of professional translators. He said that without the institute of professional interpreters it was impossible to achieve comprehensive independent information and to strengthen the Kazakh speaking information space.

Mr. Aldan Smayil spoke that literary translation in general is an acute issue in Kazakhstan and noted that educational institutions need to be engaged in tackling this issue.

In this context, IKTU President W. Abdibekov informed participants about university’s future plans aimed at preparing professional interpreters.