Victory Day in Azerbaijan
November 8, 2023

The victory won by the glorious Army of Azerbaijan in the 44-day Patriotic War under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief President Ilham Aliyev, demonstrated, once again, the determination, perseverance and national solidarity of the brotherly people of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity and wrote another heroic page of its history.

The glorious victory was a valuable contribution to the Turkic unity, opening wide opportunities for sustainable peace, stability and development in the region. This glorious victory that was forever engraved in the memory of history will always be remembered with honor as the victory of the entire Turkic world.

On this auspicious day, we congratulate the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Third Anniversary of Victory Day, honor the blessed memory of the heroic soldiers, the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of brotherly Azerbaijan and pray for their souls to rest in peace.