Message of the Secretary General on July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day
July 15, 2023

On behalf of TURKPA, I commemorate our dear martyrs with mercy and congratulate on July 15 Democracy and Unity Day in the 7th anniversary of the July 15 resistance, which is one of the latest great examples of heroism of the glorious Turkic nation, the founder of one of the rare civilizations that has managed to have a state on a homeland under a single flag in a spirit of unity for thousands of years since its emergence on the stage of history.

The Republic of Türkiye went through one of its darkest days on 15 July 2016. Members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), who had infiltrated the Turkish Armed Forces, mounted a bloody coup attempt in Türkiye that failed thanks to the resistance of the heroic sons of the Turkic nation.

Today, we are proud to reiterate our support to the Republic of Türkiye, which is stronger, more stable and more confidently walking towards the future compared to 15 July 2016, in its ongoing fight against FETÖ and all other terrorist organizations.

May Allah not give opportunity to enemies of the Turks, and may the Turkic countries endure forever in peace and unity.

Ambassador Mehmet Süreyya Er

TURKPA Secretary General