Қоршаған орта, табиғи ресурстар және денсаулық сақтау комиссиясы

Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Health Protection is one of the four permanent commissions of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States (TURKPA). The agenda of the Commission focuses on the issues of cooperation among the member states in the fields of environmental protection, use of natural resources and health protection.

As the environmental cooperation started within the TURKPA’s framework since 2014, the agenda of the Commission was consistent and coherent in order to achieve practical results in this field. Health protection was the latest field included in the area of competence of the Commission in 2021 upon the decision taken at the meeting of the Council of Assembly held within the Tenth Plenary Session of TURKPA in Turkistan.

Each of TURKPA permanent commissions is comprised of eight members (two parliamentarians from each member state). Chairs and vice-chairs of the permanent commissions are elected at plenary sessions of TURKPA for three-year terms.

Permanent commissions consider the issues within their areas of cooperation and work out documents in the form of reports and recommendations submitted to plenary sessions. At the same time, the commissions carry out the work on elaboration of draft model laws on the subjects of mutual interest to facilitate the process of harmonization and approximation of national legislation of the member states.

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