Message of TURKPA on 20 January – National Mourning Day
January 19, 2024

34 years have passed after the bloodiest night of January 19-20, when the civilians were massacred in Baku and nearby regions by order of the USSR leadership. As a result of the January tragedy committed by Soviet troops 150 civilians were killed and 744 more were wounded, including women, children and the elderly, medical employees and policemen. The victims of the tragic events of 1990 are symbolically named “20 January martyrs”. In total, there are 150 “20 January martyrs” in Azerbaijan.

On this day, which has become a symbol of national unity and patriotism of the brotherly people, TURKPA commemorates with veneration the sons and daughters of Azerbaijan who had sacrificed their lives for its independence and sovereignty.

May Allah rest the souls of the martyrs in peace!